Next prayer meeting 26th February

First of the prayer meetings away from the URC chapel happened on Friday.  It was a very blessed time praying for the future of the project and for God’s work in the village.  Please get in contact if you would like a list of the prayer points that we prayed about and will continue praying … [Read more…]

Prayer meetings

Prayer meetings for the village of Ash are due to start this Friday (12 February) at 8pm.  They will continue fortnightly at first but hopefully we will increase the frequency as we are led by the Holy Spirit. The first meeting will be at the Cobb’s house – please get in contact if you would … [Read more…]

Future of the Ash Evangelical project

Hello! After the 5th December meeting it seemed that God was clearly leading us away from continuing the project with the URC chapel.  The necessary resources that would be required to continue with the use of a building that has significant structural issues would in all probability overwhelm a new congregation. As a result the … [Read more…]

5th December meeting – 1 week to go

Our flyers just about to be delivered Preparations are well in hand for the first open meeting of the group.  Our flyers should be appearing on doorsteps in Ash and the surrounding area in the next few days.  You may have already received them, in fact – watch out for them if you haven’t. The … [Read more…]

Twitter Prayer Network

We won’t be the first people to have started this but the possibilities are immense.  Imagine being able to pass your prayer requests to people all around the world.  Imagine thousands of people being able to respond to them.  That is what we can do now using social media. So imagine, you have an urgent … [Read more…]

Open Prayer Meetings – Fridays 8pm

Hello! We are going to start some regular prayer meetings to pray for God’s work for the village and people of Ash (and the surrounding area).  They will start this Friday (6th) and continue weekly at 8pm during November and take place in the Ash URC Chapel. We are intending for them to be open … [Read more…]

Dawkins is not the AntiChrist

I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago about the new atheists and I was struck by the reaction that Richard Dawkins creates among us.  He is unquestionably the most prominent proselytiser of the new atheists, is feted by the media – and someone who obviously creates a particular reaction among … [Read more…]

Meeting on 5 December

Hello! Date for your diaries… We will be holding an open meeting on Saturday 5 December for anyone interested and wanting to be involved with the launch of a new church in Ash.  This will be in the URC building at 4pm and there will be tea, coffee and doughnuts in the hall afterwards. Anyone … [Read more…]

Parish magazine announcements, Posters on way

Watch out for the announcement in the parish magazines in the next week or two.  Hopefully that should start to get the word out! Watch out as well, for the new posters that should be appearing soon.   Looking exciting

Hello world!

We’ll be arranging a meeting in the next few weeks.  Keep checking back for more info or contact us/follow us on Twitter/Facebook and we’ll send the information out when it becomes available.